Our Beginners Classes are designed for students with little or no experience in the nail and beauty industry.

We will teach you everything you need to know in whatever LCN product range you wish to work with.

  • LCN Gel Polish Manicurist

A great entry level course into the world of nails. The perfect treatment combination; classic manicure and LCN Gel Polish, Recolution as well as Natural Nail Boost Gel.

  • LCN Beginner Level I

For students with no knowledge of nail extensions, using our best-selling gel, FiberTech, for fabulously strong tip overlays. Natural Nail Boost Gel and Gel Polish ‘Recolution’ is also included in this course.

  • Infills & Finishing Skills Workshop

An invaluable extra day for novice LCN technicians or those wanting to refresh their skills. (NB. This day is already included in Beginners Classes).

  • Keys to Speed Workshop

An invaluable extra day for novice LCN technicians or those wanting to improve their speed and skills.

  • Advanced Product Training

Detailed product knowledge on all LCN systems.

  • LCN Level I Assessment

Assessment of your technical skills for LCN Gel or tip overlay application. Establish your competence and professionalism with the LCN seal of approval and take the next step on the road to success.

  • LCN Nail Art

Fun, fashion and frivolous! Rhinestones, nail art pens, decals, you name it, LCN has it! This course covers free hand designs with polish and accessories only.

  • LCN Wilde-Pedique Pedicure

In this course, you will be introduced to the beauty industry’s only anti-mycotic light curing pedicure resin. Pedique is a means to cosmetically restore and reconstruct problematic toenails while providing a beautiful appearance.

Our Sevices

Natural Nail Boost Gel


LCN Resin – FiberTech Gel