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Have you tried the LCN Calming Eye Repair Cream from my previous blog yet?  I really hope so…


LCN Purifying Enzyme Peeling


Exfoliating the skin at least twice a week is necessary. Many of us think that an exfoliation product should have granules in to scrub or scratch the dead skin away, but I can promise you to not under estimate the power and effect of an enzyme peel / exfoliating product.


The LCN Purifying Enzyme Peeling contains most of the same unique ingredients as that of the LCN Refining Cleansing Gel, namely,

ReviSkin-Code and the plant complex of magnolia, propolis, grapefruit, tea, willow bark and camomile extract – these act as an anti-inflammatory and calms the skin.


The two ingredients that make this peeling so effective are;


Almond oil: used to gently remove and dislodge debris from deep in the skin’s pores and follicles.

: helps and prevents acne due to the Vitamin A content.


Keratoline: an enzymatic exfoliant that gently removes the dead cells to reveal a younger and healthier looking skin.


LCN Purifying Enzyme Peeling can be used two or three times a week.

Apply with wet fingers and gently massage into skin to activate the enzymes. Leave for two or three minutes and reactivate with wet fingers again.

Remove with warm water.

This step is done after Cleansing and before toning and moisturising.


Also suitable for sensitive skin.

Paraben and preservative free.



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