Hi everyone,


Spring is in the air and Wedding bells are ringing everywhere!


The perfect and most popular time for weddings and LCN has something in store for the whole wedding party.


LCN Hand Cream “MY Brilliant Wedding “


Beautifully Packaged with amazing ingredients to have the bride’s hands looking and smelling gorgeous as she has a ring placed on her finger.


Intensively nourishing anti-aging hand cream with top ingredients:


Hyaluronic acid: counteracts the signs of skin aging.


Q10: supports the skins own cell regeneration.


Glycerine and panthenol provide moisture while precious argan oil strengthens and protects the skin.


Also to complete the Bride’s nails are six carefully chosen Nail Polish colours to choose from that will compliment any Wedding Gown!


Whipped Cream:  a beautiful Champaign colour


My Wedding Day: a soft shimmery pastel pink


Marry Me: a slightly darker pastel also with a little shimmer


Sensitive Rose: a gorgeous pale pink


Forever In Love: a slighter darker dusky pink


Here For The Cake: light classic pink


Beautiful Colours…. Gorgeous Names…… So now it is up to you to choose your perfect colour!!


Have the best Wedding Day ever!

Stay Blessed