I am sure you all enjoyed the segment we did on Die Groot Ontbyt this morning … Wow, right?


The remarkable products by LCN backed by German Dental Technology are proof again that with LCN we are not here to FIT IN, we are here to STAND OUT!!!


What we often forget is that we are not just in the industry of making clients feel and look beautiful, but we can also transform diseased, fungal or deformed toe nails. This is what I call the TRANSFORMATION business… Yet,  so many people do not know that their specific problem CAN be fixed.

With the correct training, products, home care and equipment we can make a difference!


LCN’s specialized product Wilde-Pedique Silver Plus makes it possible to create an immediate cosmetic appearance and over a period of time with monthly maintenance and the correct home care products, permanent recovery can take place.

Pedique has an Anti-Mycotic Factor Piroctone Olamine as well as Micro Silver which has an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Pedique is also elastic therefore adjusts itself to the movement of the feet.


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Then, of course, we have the dreaded ingrown toenails. Painful and not so pretty!!

Once again with the correct tools and training, YOU can be helped or help others.

LCN have an amazing  BS – Brace System that is applied onto the ingrown toenail and forces the toe nail, over a period of time to grow out correctly without curving in to cause the pain. The pain is relieved immediately after the brace is applied.


Some advantages of the BS -Brace System are, the extremely flat design, no sense of pressure when wearing shoes or exercising, the perfect cosmetic design and it is water resistant. Some clients toe nails are corrected after one application, while some need a fresh brace applied every six to eight weeks.

This all depends on the person’s age and obviously how long they have had the problem. The results are phenomenal!


Home care is of utmost importance!!

LCN Mykosept is recommended to all clients. This formulation helps keep feet fit and well cared for.

Mykosept contains panthenol, alcohol and bisabolol. Then the essential, unique ingredient is Fermented Rye.

Fermented Rye consists of acids which have an anti-mycotic and antiseptic effect, therefore, treats and prevents nail fungus and athletes foot.

This solution is available in a dropper or spray bottle. Must be applied DAILY under the toe nails and between the toes.


How rewarding it is to transform someone’s feet or toes that have caused so much unhappiness and pain into a person that feels comfortable, “normal ,“ pretty and confident.

Now that is what makes LCN STAND OUT and not just FIT IN!!


I would love to see your before and after photos and read about your experience or answer any questions.

Please feel free to leave any comments below.


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Stay blessed