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LCN Facial Care Range

We have covered step one in my blog dated 31 July 2017, Cleansing, now for step two….


LCN Refining Skin Tonic

Step number two is commonly skipped or left out by many people?! Right?

This is an important step NOT to be missed!!


The LCN Refining Skin Tonic is a mild tonic that removes impurities and helps your complexion appear clear and even.

The unique ingredient Biometic Lipid, reduces the resistance of the skin to allow for better absorption of the essential plant extracts and prepares the skin to absorb the unique ingredients of the skin care products that follow and deliver them into the skin on a cellular level.

The Tonic is also free of Preservatives and Parabens.

From experience, we have found that applying your tonic to the skin with gauze is much more effective than a cotton swab or cotton ball.


Many clients have said that once they have read and understood the ingredients, for example, in the previous article on the LCN Refining Cleansing Gel, they get excited and look forward to using their products as they now know what it is doing for their skin.


Try it with the gauze, you will be amazed at the results.

All these products are available on our on-line store or an LCN Salon close to you.

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