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Looking Good LCN had a post on Facebook about LCN Nail Serum, and since then I’ve had so many of the new LCN family wanting to know more….

So I decided to repost the blog I did last year. This is for all the new kids on the block and some of you that may have forgotten just what makes this LCN product so amazing and necessary.

Today I would like to share the importance of providing the natural nail with “Water”, also known as LCN Nail Serum.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients of one of the top selling LCN products;


What are the unique ingredients that make this product so popular?

Silk Protein:

  • natural lipids from palm oil, high in amino acids
  • referred to as the “princess of fibres” due to its strength
  • excellent moisture binding properties and repair to nails due to the fibres


  • Key protein component of nails therefore protects/repairs the epithelial cells that are damaged or stressed

Biotin (Vitamin H) :

  • Important to improve brittle nails


  • Nails are made mainly of hardened protein keratin, so calcium is needed to build stronger natural nails


Again, it is very important to apply your LCN Nail Serum to the area around the cuticle and under the free edge of the nail no matter how long or short your nails are, whether you have a natural nail or one of the unique LCN products on your nails!!

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