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I am sure you are as impressed as I am with the new LCN Rich Avocado Cuticle Softener……right? You are probably thinking what does LCN have to compliment your now soft cuticles? LCN has developed two unique products to add to your new nail routine that will give your natural nails an amazing success story.


Firstly the LCN Active Apricot Nail Growth:

–  suitable for ladies with soft, splitting or brittle nails

–  panthenol and glycerine provide moisture to the nail plate (especially as the colder weather sets in)

–  the water based texture contains a Keratin-stimulating-Complex

–  the complex vitamin A and E capsules float around waiting to be massaged to help the vitamins burst out of the capsules and into the nail plate

–  these vitamins work on strengthening the natural nail, therefore preventing further breakage and splits

–  the wonderful scent of fresh apricots will leave you feeling refreshed and looking forward to your next application

–  apply twice a week onto the natural nail and massage into the nail bed as well as under the free edge of the nail

–  can also be used around the cuticle area and under the free edge, even if the nails have a light cured product applied to them


Secondly the LCN Plumping Top Coat:

–  provides the nail with a high gloss effect

–  the ‘’ plumping texture “ provides an even surface on nails with ridges and grooves

–  the nails will have a durable and scratch resistant surface

–  for a fashionable gel-look apply as a clear nail polish or as a top coat


So there you have it, you now have three new products developed especially for beautiful strong natural nails.


Have the best week ever

Stay Blessed