Hello again


LCN Funky Town Trend products have been a hit since we starting launching the products at the end of February 2017.

There are so many new fun products, Nail treatments, Facial products, Micro Blading and specialised Skin Care products.

So…. as you can imagine I had a tough time trying to decide which to tell you about first, as I have so many favourites!!


LCN is expanding into so many areas, but, as nail care has been our top priority for the last 15 years, I will begin with the product that I personally need most, and I am sure you will need it as well.


LCN have great products to repair, push back or nourish cuticles. Products that have been top sellers worldwide, but as we can only expect from Germany, they have added another cuticle treatment that really, really works, and has been my new best friend since the launch and especially now as the season changes.


LCN Rich Avocado Cuticle Softener

– rich in minerals and amino-acids

– almond oil and avocado oil nourish cuticles intensely

– natural bisabolol contains healing properties for torn irritated cuticles

– green papaya and brazil nut extract nourish dry cuticles


Application is so easy and the results will thrill you. Brush the product over the cuticle and massage into the cuticle, after a short time gently push back the cuticle.

An added bonus is that over time the hard excess cuticle growth will be reduced when applied daily.


Try the LCN Rich Avocado Cuticle Softener , you will be amazed.


Until next time

Stay Blessed