In 1994 Lea started her career as a part time Nail Technician while still working full time. In 1996, Lea went into the Beauty Industry full time, opening a home based salon offering beauty services with her main focus being nails. In 1999 she did Conversion nail training with LCN and needless to say fell in love with not only the brand but the concept of finally finding a product that could give her clients beautiful nail enhancements while preserving the natural nail.

Lea has always been very focused on not damaging the natural nail and believes in improving the condition of the natural nail with the correct home care products while having a thin protective layer of LCN covering the natural nail to protect it. In 2000, Lea and Isabel Fenner joined forces linking their two salons into one. Word spread quickly and before long Lea was fully booked with nail clients requesting LCN.

In 2002 Looking Good LCN started as a result of the LCN distributors in South Africa no longer importing the brand. Lea could not find another artificial nail product that compared to the exceptional quality which is LCN. Out of desperation to find a solution she made the decision to go to Germany and meet with Wilde Cosmetics personally. Her life changed dramatically as she started the import and distribution of LCN in South Africa, while still being fully booked with nail clients in the salon. This was the beginning of a new adventure where her world changed from spending 12 hours a day in the salon to traveling throughout South Africa, Africa as well as abroad.

Today Lea is the CEO of Looking Good LCN and operates from LCN head office situated in Pretoria East, Gauteng. Although she heads up the company she is surrounded with a team of strong women who successfully manage the company freeing her up to remain connected to their customers daily. Lea is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise with everyone she meets, and continually strives to inspire women to grow, expand and break the boundaries they have created for themselves both personally and professionally. It has been her privilege to witness countless women and businesses explode as they embrace and apply the tools she shares with them.

Lea believes in maximising every opportunity presented to her and/or created by her by spending time with clients to impact their lives and grow their business. She encourages them to action their plans, to stop talking about the future but create their future by doing whatever is necessary to make it happen. Lea believes that when “nothing is happening” or business is quiet, that instead of waiting for things to happen you need to make things happen! Get up and do whatever it takes!

Apply the 10x Rule which says – “whatever you think it is going to take to get to where you want to go – do 10 x more!” If you apply this to your life and your business – success will follow! Lea is living her dream and together with her team, feels that they have barely scratched the surface of what can be achieved and where they can take the LCN brand in South Africa.