Isabel Fenner started Looking Good Beauty Centre in 1989.  In 2000 Lea Castro and Isabel joined forces linking their two salons into one.  Together the two sisters were a strong team complementing each other.

In 2002 Isabel relocated to KwaZulu Natal where she continued her salon and began to market and distribute LCN in the area.  Isabel’s passion is training and her goal is to educate students to have the same passion as she does. Teaching them to NOT do artificial nail enhancements at the expense of your natural nails, but to focus on preserving and protecting the natural nail.

In 2016 she stepped into the position of Training Director for Looking Good LCN. Striving to offer the highest level of training, to prepare and equip students to offer their clients high-quality professional services!

Isabel is based in Ballito KwaZulu Natal, she travels to all areas teaching her expertise while staying in close contact with Head Office and their strong team of trainers.
These Nail Professionals travel throughout South Africa and Africa training and equipping salons. The LCN Academy provides the basic knowledge for a successful start in the nail cosmetic business. However, nail cosmetic training is a continuous and demanding process which requires persistence and determination to master.   Practical training as well as the application of knowledge provided in seminars and workshops are necessary to become a professional in the field of nail cosmetics.