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LCN CC Cream Moisture Boost

Last week you learnt that LCN Make-Up is more than just make-Up. All the products are treatment products to…


So, what makes LCN CC Moisture Boost such an awesome product, what gives us that radiant look?

Firstly: Glycerin has a moisturising effect and Allantoin nourishes the skin.

Secondly: The high molecular Hyaluronic acid is the amazing ingredient that plumps up the wrinkles and forms a protective film over your skin. This is the reason your complexion appears even and younger.

Thirdly: Chromocare! As expected LCN always has the best of the best! This patented active ingredient Chromocare, counteracts oxidative skin ageing, therefore your complexion appears rejuvenated and regenerated. Chromocare is also very important for the long term improvement of your skin tone. It also changes the light, scattering it providing a lighter and radiant skin.

Did I mention how amazing it smells and contains an SPF 15!

LCN CC Cream is available in two colours, Light and Intense and comes in a 30ml pump bottle.

All you need for our hot Summer days.

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