Hello again, dear readers,

As we hope you already know, LCN products are more than just make-up. LCN Make-Up products are treatment products, and not just for camouflage and colour! This is why each product contains unique and specialised ingredients, to keep your skin looking as beautiful as possible.

Some examples of this are the LCN Cream Foundation that contains moisturising and balancing ingredients and has great UV protection to offer; our LCN Compact Powders are rich in vitamin E and apricot oil. In addition to these, LCN Creamy Lipsticks contain precious oils as well as vitamin C,E and F for soft, silky lips, and LCN Permanent Eyeliner nourishes with vitamin E and Chamomile.

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The gorgeous Make-Up range by LCN contains fabulous colours and products for every skin requirement.  The LCN Trend products that are available for every season contain only the best; as an example, The Powder Room Trend not only has nail polish and gel colours, but contains the stunning Trend Lipstick, “Pink Seducer, “ to match the Trend polish with the same name.



All of this and more is the perfect reason to take a look at the uniquely tailored LCN Make-Up Range, whether you’re planning on using them for yourself, your clients, or both.

Have the best November!