Hello again!

To continue where I left off last week, I would just like to encourage you to read last week’s blog if you have not already done so, just to get the full understanding of the ingredient UREA.

LCN Urea range has three addition products that are absolute winners and complete a truly effective range.


Urea 15% Foot Bath contains moisturising urea, sea salt and allantoin to regenerate dry, stressed feet. The essentials oils of orange, mountain pine and spruce needles leave the skin feeling silky soft and fresh.


Urea 10% Express Foot Spray ( my favourite as many of you know ), the quick application, fast absorbing foot or body spray. Same wonderful ingredients as the Urea 10% Foot cream but formulated to be absorbed fast without any slippery or sticky feeling. My personal all year round body cream as I can promptly get dressed and put on my sandals without slipping out of them!


Urea 40% Chapped Skin Cream is too brilliant! The 40% urea content gently dissolves the intercellular matrix of the skin therefore loosening and shedding scaly and calloused skin. The fruit acid content increases the speed and effect of the 40% urea.In addition sage ( anti-inflammatory ), nourishing beeswax and soothing panthenol complete this brilliant product.

LCN Urea Range is one of our unique basic lines, a must have all year round product.

Those of you who have not yet tried the LCN Urea Range or offered it as a salon treatment, NOW is the time to start. You will be amazed! I promise.

P.S Great results have been reported when applied to any skin condition or irritation on dogs and cats!!

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