Hello again.

The LCN Powder Room Trend products have been so popular and received so well by all our clients, salons and spas. There is always a product that stands out and catches my attention and becomes my favourite. Difficult decision… but finally decided on the LCN Intensive Nail Conditioner.

LCN Intensive Nail Conditioner is the perfect moisturizer for everyday use. Intensive care for cuticles and nails. The ideal oil for extremely dry and cracked cuticles as well as dull nail plates. This Nail Conditioner /Oil strengthens nails and provides natural nails and artificial nails with a high shine.


Sweet Almond Oil – generates soft, supple and nourishing consistencies.
– easily penetrates the skin providing a soothing effect
– soothing, moisturizing and intensively nourishing

Jojoba Oil – more of a liquid wax than an oil
– also contains esters, which are organic compounds made by replacing the hydrogen of an acid with an alkyl
– therefore many natural fats and essentials oils are esters of fatty acids ( very unique oil wax )
– also makes them similar to human sebum and forms a lipid film which binds the skins moisture

Wow… LCN Intensive Nail Conditioner not only smells like sweet almonds but also has the ability to protect against water loss and increases skin’s elasticity.

Again remember to apply to the nail surface as well as underneath the nail’s free edge. Amazing ingredients, amazing results.

Have the best October ever!
Stay Blessed