LCN Modern Foot File – another one of LCN’s many products that have stood the test of time!

I was reminded by one of my clients that she could not imagine getting the same results on her heels from her chapped skin balm, (from last week’s blog) if it wasn’t for her LCN Modern Foot file.

That made me think? In essence she is correct… No cream or balm will penetrate, as well as it should, if there is a hard calloused ridge in the way. I remembered years ago one of the German LCN trainers explained that first filing the dry heel and then applying a balm is the secret. Ladies remember, you want to remove dead hard skin so do not first soak your feet.


The LCN Modern Foot File is best used on DRY feet. The file has two different surfaces, first use the roughest side to remove the dead skin and then flip the file over and use the finer side to ‘seal’ the skin. Once you have done that then have your bath or shower and apply your LCN Foot Cream or Balm.


The LCN Modern Foot File is also an item most of us will never have to replace. It is super durable and can be washed and scrubbed with a nail brush monthly.

Well, that’s me for now. I trust you will all try my “recipe” for amazing heels (I would not recommend this for knees and elbows, ouch!)

Have the best week ever
Stay Blessed