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At Looking Good LCN you know by now how important educating our clients and students are to us!!!
We love our students and are grateful to their model , who make the training possible. Our aim is to have our students leaving class, empowered & ready to help their clients whether their nails are perfect , not so perfect or diseased. Knowledge is power!!

We had the most interesting training on Monday this week. Most models arrive with good nails, or they are nail biters BUT… this class had a model that has now become the talk of the world! A model with shocking nails, the perfect nails that are needed to teach a great class. Something students learn in their text books was finally a reality in class. The excitement could not be described and the training began.

I am going to do my best to answer all your questions that been sent on Facebook from technicians, clients and doctors around the world. Some of you might have missed the posts so here are some before pictures:

Firstly just a history of how our models nails got to this state. This model had picked up a fungus quite a number of years ago form a nail salon. This resulted to her going for surgery twice to remove the nail plate on all her fingers. Thankfully thee nails grew back… So had artificial nails applied and the cycle began again. Our model also works with the public so, naturally wanted to hide the discolouration and applied dark colours onto her nails. Eventually she realised that no one could help her so she continued to just glue/maintain the nails on her own to hide the fungus. A lot of clients have had their nails overfilled by a technician or themselves and damaged the nail plate. This too encourages fungus to grow.

LCN History
LCN is a problem solving synthetic resin. Designed by a dentist in Germany. The Dental company started in 1914 and in 1985 the dentist decided that if they create and construct teeth successfully, they could also create and construct toe nails and finger nails, for example nail biters. The product is perfectly safe and contains no harmful chemical or solvents. Safe to use in the mouth so safe to use on hands and toes. Conclusion the birth of Wilde Cosmetics.

The LCN product that is used on disease toes and sometimes finger nails is Wilde-Pedique Silver Plus. An amazing product with unique ingredients.

PIROCTONE OLAMINE: a highly additive with its ANTI MYCOTIC effect. Once the Wilde Pedique Plus is cured in the LED or UV light the Piroctone Olamine still “swims “ around in the gel releasing it all the time onto the diseased finger or toe nail, killing it gently.


image011 image012 image013

Important for clients with these problem is to have their nails/toes checked every three weeks and THEY MUST USE MYKOSEPT daily as homecare! Mykosept also contains anti mycotic ingredients to discourage fungus from reproducing and spreading.

LCN Pedique is not just for treating toes and finger nails but to transform them into “normal” looking for customers that feel they need to hide their hands or feet. I am sure if any of us had nails like this model we would also do anything to fix them. So glad LCN has a solution.

For any questions you are welcome to mail me or the office: info@lcn.co.za or isabel@lcn.co.za

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