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In preparation for Spring we have been concentrating on our feet, right? Have you? I have chosen three of my top LCN foot products to help you get your feet into shape. Last week we covered the popular LCN Calludone, so this week we will cover some of the LCN creams and balms you can use in-between your LCN Calludone applications or after your shower.


LCN Chapped Skin Balm

LCN Chapped Skin Balm has been one of our top sellers for years. This ointment balm is rich in vitamin E and F and Bisabolol, great for those cracked heals. A small amount is applied to the problem area and massaged in. This is a thick balm so a little goes a long way.


SPA Bali Relax Chapped Skin Balm

SPA Bali Relax Chapped Skin Balm is intensively nourishing. This balm contains amazing Murumuru butter (a palm found in the Amazon Rain forest) and glycolic and lactic acid. These ingredients are just what dry skin needs. Exfoliating the dead skin and then nourishing the feet while it’s also great on the hands and elbows.


SPA Bali Relax Foot Cream

SPA Bali Relax Foot Cream is a must if you have not tried it yet! This cream contains a ‘magic’ oil, Monoi de Tahiti. This oil is extracted from the petals of a Gardenia flower found in Tahiti and mixed with the Murumuru butter and hibiscus extract. The ingredients help the cream create a protective film on the feet therefore keeping the moisture in, resulting in smooth feet. Now that is Wow!! Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you how amazing it smells… reminds me of freshly baked biscuits!!

Three fabulous LCN foot products to choose from, so… No excuses! Get your feet, knees and elbows ready for Spring!

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