Hello! Happy Spring everybody!

Are your feet and heels ready?! Foot treatments are a huge demand in Spas and Salons. People often forget about their feet which need to carry them for miles, but, this is changing. Regular pedicures are becoming popular and so is home care products for feet. LCN have proved time and again that it is a product in a completely different class… Products that not just treat but also transform feet.

LCN Calludone is an amazing product for softer, crack-free heels and feet.

Used correctly in pedicures and at home, Calludone delivers what it promises and has amazed therapists and clients alike.


Key ingredients:

Citric Acid
– an alpha-hydroxy acid
– enhances skin cell turnover
– a natural exfoliant without the need to scrub
– promotes skin peeling

Bisabolol – conditions and soothes the skin

Methyl Salicylate – soothing, cooling and deodorising

LCN Calludone is applied to the heels and other callused areas and then filed with the LCN Modern Foot File or Electric File 10 minutes later. The results are brilliant!

When using Calludone at home one would apply a couple of drops to the area at night and simply wash the dead skin away in the morning. The dropper container also helps to not apply too much making your Calludone easy to use and long lasting.

Now you have the know-how on how to prepare your heels for summer, so get started!

Have the best September ever!
Stay Blessed