Hi all!

Looking Good LCN had our first LCN Exhibition at our Head Office in Pretoria the last week of August. What an amazing event! Thank you to all our local and international visitors for stopping by. It was wonderful to spend time with you all!!

We launched the latest LCN Trend “The Powder Room”… and it was quite a hit!

So, for those of you that were not in town to visit, I thought I would share one of the new LCN items with you that was extremely popular at our Exhibition. Some of you might have had a glimpse of these products on social media, but if you didn’t, here are the Colours of the Year 2016!


The colour “Rose Quartz” and “Serenity” presents itself as the two Colours of the year 2016.
“Rose Quartz” is a beautiful, soft ballerina / candy floss pink
“Serenity” is a pale blue/purple… You will have to decide!

These colours are exquisite when used together or individually. They certainly compliment each other.

colour of the Year - Lara

These colours are available in Colour Gel, Recolution and Nail Polish. So get to your closest LCN Salon or Spa and request your Colours of the Year 2016.

Have fun
Until next week
Stay Blessed