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LCN have amazing , different and unique products for every unique nail and cuticle condition. One of the top selling products year after year and world wide actually, is the LCN SPA Avocado Nail Butter. This is an extra treatment for your nails and cuticles and AGAIN it is used together with the your LCN Nail Builder, Oil or Serum. Remembering to use your Nail Butter AFTER any of the other nail treatments.

SPA Avocado Nail Butter


A fabulous rich vitamin cream for nails and cuticles. The unique ingredients in this butter are top class.

Orchid extract: a superior ingredient that has the ability to repair and protect the hard, dry cuticles.

Avocado Oil: helps soften the skin and increases collagen production which plumps up the skin giving it a healthy appearance. Avocado Oil molecules are also tiny and therefore penetrate the hard cuticle perfectly.

Vitamin E: a wonderful anti-oxidant to protect skin cells from damage.

Vitamin A: helps replace old and worn out tissues with new ones. Also excellent to fight infection in torn cuticles.

A rich wonderful smelling butter that delivers what it promises!

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