Hello again

I hope you have all been using your LCN Nail Builder!? The last couple of weeks we have looked at what is beneficial to the natural nail and nails that have one of the unique LCN problem solving resins on. Today we look at the importance of a nail oil that benefits the natural nail, as well as our cuticles that are taking strain in these very low temperatures.

Please remember any nail oil does not replace your LCN Nail Builder, as it has different qualities to strengthen and build nails.

So why use the LCN Nail Oil?


LCN Nail Oil is used to ” doctor ” the nail as well as the cuticle and skin on the end of the finger. The oil is very moisturising due to the high quality ingredients, namely:

Vitamin A and E : great to regenerate skin and cuticles and high in anti-oxidants.

Vitamin F : better known as a fat ( Omega 6 ) than a vitamin. This essential fat is amazing for dry skin and penetrates even the toughest cuticle, resulting in soft, cared for cuticles and finger tips.

Olive and Almond oil : also rich oils to combat the hard cuticles and extremely dry, hard skin.

St John’s Wort : this is an awesome extract to calm the most stressed, dry and torn cuticles. This extract is also well known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

The LCN Nail Oil will solve the problem for anyone with rough finger tips and cuticles, moisturising the nails at the same time.

NB! please remember that your LCN Nail Oil is applied AFTER your LCN Nail Builder. This wonderful oil may be applied straight onto the natural nail or onto a nail that has a resin or polish on. Massage into cuticles and also apply to the underside of your free edge.

Have the best August
Stay Blessed