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This week I want to stay on the subject of how important it is to have healthy natural nails, whether you just use nail polish on your nails or whether you have one of LCN,s unique systems on your nails. The natural nail needs to be “fed “, that’s where the LCN Nail Builder comes into the picture.

LCN Nail Builder


A brilliant plant based product to regenerate the natural nails. Food for the natural nail? What ingredients make this LCN Nail Builder so popular?

Panthenol ( vitamin B5 ) and vitamin A: regenerate and strengthen the natural nail.

Vitamin E: strong anti-oxidant and helps to keep the natural nail strong yet flexible.

Myrrh: an unique resin from a small tree found in Oman and Somalia. This amazing ingredient strengthens the nail and increases blood supply to the nail therefore promoting healthy growth.

Lysin and L- Carnitin: penetrate the matrix perfectly to create a strong nail and speeds up the growth of the natural nail.

LCN Nail Builder, a unique product that delivers what it promises, building a healthy natural nail quickly! Excellent for nail biters as it does not taste good!

The application of the LCN Nail Builder is very, very important! This wonderful product needs to be applied to the matrix ( the area around the cuticle where your half-moon is ) AND under the free edge of the nail plate. Myrrh is responsible for the colour of the LCN Nail Builder and I personally find application is best just before going to bed.

Enjoy the results of beautiful, strong healthy nails.

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