LCN offers natural nail ladies and gentlemen a brilliant solution for their brittle, soft and chipping natural nails. Nails that are stressed and weak often have uneven nail surfaces in addition to grooves. LCN Natural Nail Boost Gel is an innovative product, it is a light curing, transparent, solvent-resistant Permanent Gel-polish!

Natural Nail Boost Gel Clear 21231

Natural Nail Boost Gel, is just what the natural nail needs for protection and stability! Therefore we have beautiful, strong and even growing nails that are permanently shiny.

This is also the perfect base and protection for nail polish users that like to change their nail polish colours often.

Natural nail boost gel is applied onto a degreased and cleaned natural nail surface then cured in a light unit. This thin, transparent film will grow out and can be refreshed with a manicure after 3 weeks or you can apply one of LCN’s natural nail polishes.

LCN Natural Nail Boost Gel is available in a clear colour, a milky white even brighter colour and MATT for the men or ladies.

Give LCN’s Natural Nail Boost Gel a try. I promise it is not just a product that your natural needs, but a product that the natural wants!

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