I cannot STRESS the importance of using one of LCN’s transparent nail polish / treatments on your nails!

This is important when:
a) your nails are naked or you are only applying colour nail polish
b) your nails have a thin layer of LCN’s Natural Nail Boost Gel on or
c) your nails have one of LCN’s amazing synthetic resins on.

Firstly all natural nails need some layer of protection , especially if one is wearing a colour nail polish. The natural nail is porous and WILL absorb the colour pigment in your colour nail polish ( and you know what else our nails are absorbing if you have followed my last two blogs!! ) , just as your hair absorbs the pigment from hair dye.

Secondly whether you have a layer of Natural Nail Boost Gel or one of the LCN’s resins on your nails, you also HAVE to use one of these products. Your nails grow faster than you think, therefore you need a product to apply to your nails in between your visits to your nail technician. You apply one of the polishes to your nails twice weekly to protect your new natural nail and to “disguise” the regrowth or transition area between new nail and product.

LCN have two amazing products for all of the above:


LCN Diamond Power
A high gloss nail hardener with real diamond dust particles and UV protector.

LCN 7in1 Wonder Nail Recovery
A multi functional polish with 7 characteristics, base coat, top coat, super hardener, ridge filler, whitener, wet look and quick dry.

Please remember how important these LCN products are, whether you are a frequent salon, nail bar or spa visitor or prefer to look after your nails at home. Your nails WILL know and feel the difference.

Have the best week!
Stay Blessed