Hello again

Many of you have seen the marvellous Winter Trend Nail Polish colours that LCN have given us this winter. For those of you who have not seen some of the colours on social media, I will give you a brief look today so that you are not left in the dark or cold.

The LCN Winter Trend is called Industrial Innocence , sounds good already, but what are the Nail Polish Colours this Trend has to offer?


“ white walls “: a beautiful delicate pale cream colour that makes a statement when painted on your nails

“ shiny bricks and steel “ : one of my favourites, a bold gun metal / silver colour ( the name says it all!! )

“ sharp as a bullet “ : another very appropriate name for this very dark grey colour

“ WOW “: a beautiful, brilliant dark pink , yes the “ WOW” pink you have been waiting for

“ I love industrail glam “ : my other favourite colour, an amazing brilliant blue, in between royal and navy blue ( a top seller )

“ like a wrecking ball “ : another bold gorgeous dark purple ( again the name says it all )

I know you will all agree, very original names and exquisite colours. So as LCN Germany says “ A combination of cool shades and sizzling highlights will not leave us in the cold this winter. “ I totally agree!!

Order your favourite colour/s now!!

Have the best week ever
Stay Blessed