Hello dear readers,

Jelly Beans for your nails!!!!??

Yes, LCN have found a wonderful, fun, exciting recipe for your nails that will make you smile .

Nail care has gone to a whole new level with the LCN Nail Care Jelly beans. Vitamin A , E and C have been captured in blue micro beads floating in an attractive mint green gel of active ingredients and plant extracts.

So…. Your nails are looking a little dull, feeling dry? Yes?, then it is time to give your nails a vitamin cocktail!


As I said , encapsulated in little blue beads are the following:
Vitamin A to increased strengthen
Vitamin C to promotes growth
Vitamin E for extra moisture

Massage daily into cuticle area and apply underneath the free edge of you nail. The LCN Nail Care Jelly Beans is available in an 8ml bottle with a sponge applicator and not a brush for easy application.

So, to ACE your nail care, get your bottle now. You will not be disappointed, I promise. Not only does it work wonders but also smells clean and free.

Stay Blessed
Have the best week ever