Hello dear readers

Who can remember the amazing LCN Super Soft Foot Balm “7 Wild Herbs” that was an absolutely hit as part of a Trend Range two years ago??

WELL, IT IS BACK!!!!!  Due to the amazing results and testimonies of the wonderful LCN Super Soft Foot Balm “7 Wild Herbs”, it has been launched again and is now part of the LCN Standard Foot Range. YAY!! ( I heard that…) but yes I agree it’s great news.


Mother nature has given us 7 amazing herbs that have been used in the LCN “7 Wild Herbs” Foot Balm. I have listed them below with a brief summary of each of their unique qualities.

1)  Camomile-Extract:  soothing and disinfecting

2)  Stinging nettle-Extract:  has a tightening effect

3)  True hops-Extract:  nurtures the skin

4)  Lemon-Melissa-Extract:  anti-oxidant

5)  Field horsetail-Extract:  stimulates blood flow and tightens the skin

6)  Sage-Extract:  anti-oxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory

7)  Rosemary-Extract:  anti-inflammatory and purifying

As an added bonus to the 7 amazing herbs as well as panthenol, allantoin and glycerine, the Foot Balm also contains 25% Urea !!!!

Urea gently dissolves the intercellular matrix of the skin, therefore, loosening and shredding scaly and calloused skin, this results in soft and smooth skin.

The LCN Super Soft Foot Balm “7 Wild Herbs” is available in a 75 g “stick” applicator for easy application and lasts really long. It is immediately absorbed without leaving a sticky feeling. The perfect product for stressed, dry and cracked heels.

Don’t wait for Summer, get yours now!!

Have the best June ever!
Stay blessed