LCN Bio Glass……. You have heard about it, read about it, but, What is the LCN Bio Glass?
What is the Buzz around this new product?

Another innovation from LCN, the Bio Glass Gel is 100% Acid free and contains Bioactive ingredients for the Natural nail. Yes , for the Natural Nail!!!


This phenomenal new Gel supports and cares for the natural nail. The natural nail recognises Bio-Glass.
Decades of research has shown that bioactive glass is extremely bio compatible in the area of cosmetics.

The Bio-Glass Gel creates a natural bond to the natural nail. Bio-Glass is supported by the body , which supports the formation of new tissue based on its special inorganic composition. Therefore THE BODY DOES NOT REJECT BIO-GLASS. How marvellous!!! German technology at its Best!!

What are the special ingredients:
Chitosan – a naturally occurring polyamino saccarides, therefore it is wonderful for damaged and/or stressed nails.
L-Cysteine – is an amino acid which is the most important element of keratin, creating a healthy , growing nail.

The combination of this winning recipe supports the regeneration and structure of the natural nail.

I am sure you will agree that this unique LCN Bio-Glass Gel takes natural nail protection and preservation to a whole new level!

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Stay Blessed