Hello again!

The cooler weather has arrived and first signs are starting to show on skin, hands, feet and cuticles. LCN to the rescue…

Some of  you have seen the amazing LCN 3-Phase Nail Oil on social media and different posts, events etc. I have several ladies asking ” which colour is right for me? What is the difference between the green, red and blue one?”.

Well today I will share with you what is unique about each oil/ colour and you can then decide which LCN 3-Phase Nail Oil is the one you need to use.


3-Phase Nail Oil Blue
: contains Wild Rose oil which gives nails and cuticles a real boost!
: excellent for brittle, stressed nails
: added vitamins will ensure a quick result

3-Phase Nail Oil Red
: contains rose oil and grape kernel oil
: this combination hydrates and soothes dry, torn and sensitive cuticles, and a winner for weak nails that are prone to splitting

3-Phase Nail Oil Green
: contains Rosehip oil which is very high in essential fatty-acids
: rich in vitamin C and A
: therefore, the answer to very dry nails and cuticles

All 3 oils contain Panthenol, which builds strong nails.

So, now make your choice…….. But remember it must be used correctly and daily for the best results. These amazing oils will benefit the naked natural nail,  polished nail or a nail that has product on it. However you need to shake well before use and roll it around the cuticle area and massage it into the cuticles. Try to get some oil under the nail free edge as well to keep the natural nail plumped up and not dehydrated.

This is an easy to use roller and all three smell delicious!!


Stay Blessed
Have the best week