Welcome to May, WOW already!!

May is always a wonderful month to spoil and honour our Mothers.

The LCN “ dear Mom “ Hand Cream has been a hit Worldwide! Most of you know about this lovely Hand Cream already, but, for those who do not know, I would like to tell you about the unique ingredients and amazing extracts that make this cream so popular.


So…… besides the beautiful 50ml tube the LCN “ dear Mom “ Hand Cream is available in, here is a brief look at the ingredients.

Hyaluronic acid – a big deal ingredient , improves skin moisture content and strengthens the skin’s barrier, also fights against free-radical damage and reduces inflammation

Betaine – an amino-acid, helps retain moisture in the skin

Glycerine – keeps hands hydrated

Care Complex :
1) Soy oil – a strong source of anti-oxidants, keeping skin healthy and strong
2) urea – keeping skin soft and supple
3) Panthenol (B5) – hydrating, healing and revitalising

Pear and Apple extract – rich in anti-oxidants and alpha hydroxy acids, therefore exfoliates the skin gently leaving hands brighter and smoother

Right….. would you not agree these ingredients are fit for a Queen ? Absolutely, and therefore included in the LCN “ dear Mom “ Hand Cream.

All of us will agree that our Mothers deserve the best!!

To all the mothers reading this have a great Mother’s day!!

Stay Blessed