Hello dear readers!

Happy 2016!! I am so glad to be back on the new LCN Website, so exciting!

I am sure everyone who followed my blogs on the previous site are looking forward to what I have planned!

For all the new followers of our blog, I would like to give an overview on what they are all about.

LCN is an exceptional brand – number 1 when it comes to innovation and technology in the cosmetic industry. Our passion and focus are nails, toe nails, hand, foot care and make-up to complement the full picture of a beautiful woman.

My aim is to keep you updated and informed about the latest, the best, up and coming LCN products available.

This LCN blog is to inform you about the unique ingredients used in our professional and home care ranges,why they are used and how they benefit you. We are a ‘problem solving’ company that loves to receive information about your challenges and concerns of nail, hand, foot care and make-up and to provide you with the BEST solution from our vast variety of products.

In alignment with Europe, we will be looking at all the latest ” Trends “, colours and techniques that are most popular and in demand and tell you all about it. Information at your fingertips!

Feel free to contact us on info@lcn.co.za and Facebook Looking Good LCN if you have any questions or comments. It is always a joy to hear from you.

I trust you are all going to have the best year ever!

Stay Blessed