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Looking Good LCN is a guest on “Jou Skoonheid”, a mini-series on Die Groot Ontbyt, kykNET channel 144 on DSTV.  This week the topic was LCN Home Care products for hands and nails. In case you missed the show or want more information on the products featured in the show, here is a short summary.


LCN Diamond Power

A high gloss nail hardener with real diamond dust particles and UV protector.

This is important when:
a) your nails are naked or you are only applying colour nail polish
b) your nails have a thin layer of LCN’s Natural Nail Boost Gel on or
c) your nails have one of LCN’s amazing synthetic resins on.

Firstly, natural nails need some layer of protection, especially if one is wearing a colour nail polish. The natural nail is porous and WILL absorb the colour pigment in your colour nail polish (and you know what else our nails are absorbing if you have followed my last two blogs!!), just as your hair absorbs the pigment from hair dye.

Secondly, whether you have a layer of Natural Nail Boost Gel or one of the LCN’s resins on your nails, you also HAVE to use one of LCN’s Homecare products. Your nails grow faster than you think, therefore you need a product to apply to your nails in between your visits to your nail technician. You apply one of the polishes to your nails twice weekly to protect your new natural nail and to “disguise” the regrowth or transition area between new nail and product.


LCN Nail Polishes

What an interesting week. I was subject to a battery of 45 Patch Test Allergens, and, you can imagine my surprise when I asked to see the list and 3 out of the 45 Allergens are ingredients in most nail polishes in stores and salons! I would like to remind you that the LCN Nail Polishes are FREE OF THE BIG BAD 5 INGREDIENTS still used in most nail polishes today.

LCN nail polishes are FREE of the following ingredients:


Dibutyl phthalate ( DBP )

Why?  This is a chemical used in nail polishes and printing ink etc as an adhesive. It was

found to disrupt the endocrine system ( glands which secrete hormones ).

This chemical has been banned from cosmetics, nail polishes and children toys in

the United States for almost a decade.



Why?  A common solvent, similar to benzene and is sometimes used as an inhalant drug

for its intoxicating properties! Want that on your nails or in your system??



Why?  Commonly used in nail hardeners and nail polish.

Toxic to human health!  In 2011 a United States Toxicology Program described

formaldehyde as ” a substance capable of causing cancer in humans ” !



Why? Waxy and flammable. Used as moth repellent and even in fireworks! It is effective

in the small quantity you find in your Vicks VapoRub but not safe in the quantities

used in nail polish.


Cetyl Alcohol

Why?  A thickening agent used in the cosmetic industry. A waxy substance obtained from

whale oil. I certainly do not want to use anything obtained from an animal!


LCN Olive Care Pen, an amazing product / tool for great looking nails and cuticles without the mess or fuss.

Your nail and cuticle oil in a pen. Perfect tip to push cuticles back while oiling your nails and cuticles at the same time. Rich in Almond and Jojoba oil makes it perfect for thin or brittle nails.


LCN Anti Age Hand Cream, LCN’s award winning Hand Cream for the year 2015 and 2016. A rich hand cream for demanding or mature skin, fantastic results due to the combination of Jojoba oil, D- panthenol and Elastin. This hand cream is a must have for all ages.

All these products are available on our on-line store or an LCN Salon close to you.

Don’t miss us on Die Groot Ontbyt kykNET channel 144 on DSTV, Wednesday, 13 September 2017 for our next segment about toenail reconstruction!

Stay Blessed